The importance of dark times

Hello there! So today I am going to talk about The Importance Of Dark Times. I haven’t really heard so many people talk about this, and I feel like many people suffer because they don’t know what it truely means. So let’s see how darkness can transform us. 

So what are dark times? Well I know all of us know what dark times are and yet no can exactly define it. It’s relative. Something that I’ve learned is, it’s not really the problem that matters but the individual. Something bad might happen to one person but that does not mean that it is bad for another person as well. We define who we are and what can make us happy and what can make us sad or disappointed. 

I’ve always heard from many good individuals that we are all love and honestly even I thought that. But now what I’ve come to see is we are not love. Love is a part of us. Hate and love, darkness and light, positivity and negativity, life and death, everything, you name it. Everything exists in duality. Opposites are not really opposites, they are the same, they just differ in degree. 

So now on point, dark times are not really dark they are essential. Only you have to change the perspective. Many things are happening beyond this physical world. And we are not just humans. We are mixture of both spiritual being and human being. So on some another plane things are changing and The Dark times are just manifestations of those things on physical plane. And remember we can never stop growing, or we can never fall backwards, we move upwards in spiral, even when we think we are not, even when we think we are stuck, we never truly are. 

Darkness is a part of light. It’s not evil or bad. Actually there is nothing dark about darkness. It’s all a part of becoming who you are meant to become. Trees can’t grow without there roots, roots gives the depth and tree gives the height. Without darkness, moons and stars would not shine. A baby is formed in darkness too. We are born out of darkness and light. We are both. Everything that lies in the middle.

Think of us like a battery, we have a positive and a negative, even if one is absent, a battery wouldn’t work. There has to be a balance. It all comes down to balance. Balance is the key to everything. 
And you cannot take any one thing for granted. Only change is permanent. Everything changes. It’s a law of nature, universe, everything.. 
And we all change, always. Every moment is a new moment containing a new us. Just be open to all the possibilities. It’s all happening for a greater purpose. 

I hope this was useful to you. 

Thank you for reading. ❤

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